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Panellift Elevator Canopy Lift Model 294

Panellift Elevator Canopy Lift Model 294

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This is a product that we custom designed to serve a global customer for use in installing elevator canopies in new construction, maintenance and renovation. This was a take-off from some of the design elements in our hydraulic Model 460 PANELLIFT Drywall Lift. We added a couple of patent pending features as we arrived at this solution for a real safety and ergonomics problem for one of our customers.

  • 600 lbs. load capacity
  • Max reach 9'
  • push button, battery and hydraulic powered
  • Made in USA
  • Can rotate to 15 degrees for vertical entry through door opening
  • Unique tilt mechanism provides complete control while positioning canopy assemblies
Brand Telpro Inc.
Material Alloy Steel
Color Yellow
Load Capacity 600 Pounds
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