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Cabinetizer 68-08 2"x20' Nylon Strap

Cabinetizer 68-08 2"x20' Nylon Strap

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 Cabinetizer® 68-08 2"x20' Nylon Strap 

When you have installed the 68-06 extension on the Cabinetizer®, you can use this strap to lower it to the dolly base for convenient loading. This 2"x20' Nylon Strap is essential to achieve a lowered loading height. Order the Cabinetizer® 68-08 2"x20' Nylon Strap today!

Please note:
- You need the Model 68-06 8' Extension to use this strap.
- This strap allows you to bring the loading height completely down to the dolly base.
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