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Panellift Model 195 Drywall Lift Loader Attachment

Panellift Model 195 Drywall Lift Loader Attachment

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Introducing the Panellift Loader Model 195 - the ultimate tool for those who work with drywall lifts. With this loader, you can reduce the loading height of your Panellift Drywall Lifts to just inches off the floor. It is effortless to use - you can attach it to any Panellift Model: 125, 138-2, 439, or 460 in seconds and remove it just as quickly for storage and transportation. Say goodbye to back pain and hello to convenience with the Panellift Loader Model 195.

  • Reduces drywall loading height to 4″
  • Easily attaches to ALL models of Panellift Drywall Lifts
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