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Panellift Drywall Lift Model 138-2 11' 150 lbs

Panellift Drywall Lift Model 138-2 11' 150 lbs

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The Original Since 1973


The Panellift brand drywall lift has been the most reliable and well-built cable-driven lift for nearly five decades since its invention in 1973. We strongly advise you to be cautious of imitations, as nothing can match the quality and dependability of a genuine Panellift. Our innovative design concepts have made the Panellift brand drywall lift the ideal choice for those who need durable and high-performance equipment. Don't settle for anything less than a Panellift - the American-made Panellift 138-2 has a load capacity of up to 150 lbs and can reach up to 11 feet.

 - Genuine Panellift® brand

- Made In USA

- Easy assembly – no tools required

- Tilting cradle

- Sheets up to 4’x16′

-Heavy Duty Max load rating of 150 lbs.


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