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Panellift Drywall Lift Model 125 11' Reach 150 lbs Capacity

Panellift Drywall Lift Model 125 11' Reach 150 lbs Capacity

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Our customers requested a high-quality imported version of our classic lift, and as a response to their demand, we created the model 125 Panellift®. This lift is manufactured overseas, using our specifications, and offers an economical alternative for those seeking a product with many design features similar to our U.S. model. It features a steel body and steel cable drive and is an imported product. Additionally, extensions and other accessories are available for purchase. The lift is a genuine Panellift® brand, and its assembly is accessible without requiring any tools. It also has a tilting cradle, which allows the lifting of sheets up to 4’x16′, with a maximum load rating of 150 lbs. Settle for nothing less than Panellift® – the only imported drywall lift we put our name on. We stand behind the quality of our products, and the Panellift 125 comes with a limited lifetime warranty.

-Limited Lifetime Warranty 

-Genuine Panellift® brand

-Easy assembly – no tools required

-Tilting cradle

-Sheets up to 4’x16′ Max load rating 150 lbs.


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