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Panellift Drywall Lift Model 125 11' 150 lbs

Panellift Drywall Lift Model 125 11' 150 lbs

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Introducing the Panellift Model 125: an imported alternative to our U.S. classic. Crafted overseas to our exact specs, it features a sturdy steel body and cable drive. Assembly is tool-free, and the tilting cradle handles sheets up to 4’x16’. With a 150 lb. load capacity, it’s genuine Panellift® quality. Plus, enjoy a limited lifetime warranty.

-Original Inventors: Made by Panellift, the pioneers of drywall lifts.
-Tool-Free Assembly: Effortless setup—no tools needed.
-Versatile Cradle: Tilts for both vertical and horizontal sheet installation.
-Large Sheet Capacity: Perfect for handling sheets up to 4'x16'.
-Robust Load Capacity: Safely lifts to 150 lbs. of drywall.
-Proudly Made in the USA: Quality craftsmanship you can trust.


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