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Drillrite Overhead Drill Press Model 350 12'

Drillrite Overhead Drill Press Model 350 12'

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The Drillrite™ Model 350 is purpose-built for drilling holes in concrete ceilings. Whether you’re a seasoned professional or a DIY enthusiast, this powerful tool offers unparalleled features:

  1. High Reach: With a maximum extension of 12 feet, the Drillrite 350 tackles standard ceiling heights effortlessly.
  2. Safety First: Say goodbye to ladders! By eliminating the need for precarious climbing, it minimizes the risk of falls and injuries.
  3. Combat Fatigue: The Drillrite 350’s innovative design supports the drill’s weight, allowing extended work periods without strain.
  4. Silica Dust Control: Integrated dust extraction connects seamlessly to your vacuum system, capturing harmful particles during concrete drilling.
  5. Built to Endure: Crafted entirely from robust steel and equipped with a reliable chain-driven winch system, the Drillrite 350 ensures longevity.

Remember, the drill and vacuum are sold separately. Elevate your concrete drilling experience with the Drillrite 350—where safety, efficiency, and user comfort converge! 🛠️🏗️

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